High-quality Graphene Directly Grown on Cu Nanoparticles for Cu-graphene Nanocomposites




Wang, Shuangyue
Han, Shaobo
Xin, Guoqing
Lin, Jianliang
Wei, Ronghua
Lian, Jie
Sun, Kai
Zu, Xiaotao
Yu, Qingkai

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High-quality graphene was directly grown on the surface of Cu nanoparticles (NPs) via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and then the graphene-covered Cu NPs were consolidated into dense Cu-graphene nanocomposites at different temperature. The surface of Cu NPs is well protected from oxidation due to the coverage of graphene. Nanocomposite consolidated at 650 °C (Cu/G-650) exhibits a hardness of 2.53 GPa with no distinctive different electrical resistivity compared with pure Cu, 2 orders of magnitude decrease in wear rate and 175% improvement in the coefficient of friction (COF) were reported for the Cu/G-650 nanocomposite as compared with pure Cu. The formation of graphene tribofilm is attributed for the effective protection of the Cu matrix from wear.



high-quality graphene, Cu nanoparticles, nanocomposite, superior hardness, wear resistance


Wang, S., Han, S., Xin, G., Lin, J., Wei, R., Lian, J., Sun, K., Zu, X., & Yu, Q. (2017). High-quality graphene directly grown on Cu nanoparticles for Cu-graphene nanocomposites. Materials and Design, 139(5), pp. 181-187.


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