Data Management and Open Access Requirements for Funded Research




Blanda, Michael T.
Morganti, Dianna

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Texas State University is pleased to announce a newly launched research data repository that will make your research data more visible, increase its impact, and meet federal sponsor requirements for funded research: the Texas State University Dataverse. Please join us for a workshop provided jointly by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Alkek Library: "Data Management and Open Access Requirements for Funded Research." Dr. Mike Blanda, Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, will discuss the federal open data mandates for funded research that make Dataverse such a valuable resource, and librarian Dianna Morganti will share services offered by Alkek Library that ensure data management and dissemination is in compliance with requirements. With the launch of Dataverse, Texas State joins research universities across the country that are launching searchable repositories to help researchers widen the global reach of their work.



data management, open data, funded research, open access mandates, data repository, Dataverse, research, faculty


Blanda, M. T., & Morganti, D. (2017). Data management and open access requirements for funded research. Presented at the Texas State University Libraries, San Marcos, TX.


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