Dynamic and Lightweight Encryption towards Data Confidentiality in Medical loT Devices (MloT)




Hou, Tao
Wang, Tao

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Medical IoT is growing at an exponential rate because of its promises to help advance patient engagement and improve delivery of health care. However, it also incurs a range of security concerns. As medical IoT devices may gather hosts’ geographical information, monitor patients’ privacy activities, and record clients’ biometric features, one of the critical concerns is how to preserve the confidentiality of such sensitive data. Specifically, because of the broadcast nature of wireless signal, the communication and data transmission with Medical IoT devices are usually vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks. Intuitively, cryptography encryption methods can be applied to encrypt all the conversation from medical IoT devices. However, as medical IoT devices, such as Implantable medical devices (IMDs), are usually featured with limited computational capacity and limited power, they may not afford expensive cryptography operations by conventional encryption methods like AES or RSA. To cope with the limited resources of medical IoT devices, we propose a novel encryption scheme, named Dynamic Wireless Channel Pad (DyWCP), that takes advantage of dynamic signal variation in wireless context to achieve the confidentiality of sensitive data.



medical loT, encryption, medical devices


Hou, T., & Wang, T. (2023). Dynamic and lightweight encryption towards data confidentiality in Medical loT Devices (MloT). Poster presented at the Health Scholar Showcase, Translational Health Research Center, San Marcos, Texas.


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