Cosmic Expressions and Spiritual Revivals Within Visionary Art




Colombo, Danielle Elise

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This thesis explores the overlooked topic of the post-­‐contemporary visionary art movement and live painting. Some visionary artists attempt to convey non-­‐ordinary states of consciousness, and in doing so, merge spiritual and cultural iconography and symbolism from around the world and across time while expressing archetypes of the collective unconscious. This thesis addresses paintings by local artists and more globally recognized, self-­‐proclaimed visionary artists, including Alex Grey and Laurence Caruana, to show how they merge and bring universal archetypes into material form through iconography and symbols. Another section discusses the role of live painting at music and art events and how this method allows the artist to connect to people on a personal level outside of museums and galleries. The heart of this project is to discuss how visionary art can reveal connections between cultures, and how live painting can inspire viewers to embrace their own creativity and spirituality.



visionary, art, spirituality, live painting, art history, ritual, iconography, archetype, Honors College


Colombo, D. E. (2015). Cosmic expressions and spiritual revivals within visionary art (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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