Dynamic Postural Control in Physically Active Persons with Chronic Ankle Instability Compared to Healthy Individuals




Vela, Luzita Isabel

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The original proposed topic for the REP grant was A Kinematic and Kinetic Comparison between a Toe-to-Heel Landing and a Heel-to-Toe Landing in Physically Active Females. This topic changed after the original Co-PI, Erin O'Kelley, unexpectedly retired from Texas State University in the fall semester 08. Her expertise in 3-D motion analysis and electromyography was lost and other instrumentation concerns led to a research focus change in order to utilize the major grant purchase, an OR6-6 high frequency force plate. The new research focus is on a creating a new protocol that examines the dynamic postural control of healthy and injured physically active subjects. The force plate was purchased and received by the summer 08 and a research lab was guaranteed. The lab area was not available, though, until late spring 09 so that the force plate was not installed until April 09. Unfortunately, this significantly delayed the data collection process. I am currently collecting data and collaborating with a biomechanist from University of Texas to create an analysis code that will allow athletic trainers to effectively measure dynamic balance during a lower extremity reach task in research studies. I plan on completing data collection and analysis by the end of the fall semester 09. I also plan on submitting an abstract to the Free Communication section of the National Athletic Trainers Association National Symposium (due December 09).


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


postural control, dynamic balance, kinematic comparison, kinetic comparison, toe-to-heel landing, heel-to-toe landing


Vela, L. I. (2008). <i>Dynamic postural control in physically active persons with chronic ankle instability compared to healthy individuals</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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