Videos & Privacy: Now Who is Viewing Pornography?




Brown, Jane E.

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The use of video cassette recorders (VCR) has risen over the past decade and now over fifty percent of U.S. households own one. This new technology allows people to engage in deviant behavior in the privacy of their own homes. This behavior is viewing X-rated video cassette tapes. In the past year, two studies of VCR users were conducted in relationship to X-rated video cassettes. These studies were conducted in neighborhood video rental stores in a large metropolitan area. A questionnaire was distributed to customers when they rented their videos, completed, and returned to the store when returning the movie. The results of these studies indicate that women view pornography. In previous research only men had been identified as participating. Moreover, couples seem to engage in this behavior together. In addition, there is no statistically significant difference in testing viewing habits along with political orientation, attitudes and religious affiliation. The only group that tested significantly different were individuals who report attendance at religious services and who do not view X-rated video cassettes. The results of these two studies only lead to the conclusion that more research must be done in this area. Since the VCR is such a new machine, few studies have been conducted. This area of research is important to the society as a whole because what people do in public may be different than what they do in private. Viewing X-rated video cassette tapes is merely one behavior that demonstrates this issue.



pornography, videocassettes, video rental services


Brown, J.E. (1987). Videos & privacy: Now who is viewing pornography? (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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