A Practical Framework for Strategic Planning: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Organizational Structure




Hernandez Peraza, Andrea

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The number of entrepreneurs is increasing in the United States. Nevertheless, despite more entrepreneurs and more businesses being started, many ventures do not survive long term due to a number of factors including the risks entrepreneurs attempt to manage as their businesses grow. In fact, a common obstacle that entrepreneurs face when developing or revising their strategy and its implementation relates to the venture’s organizational structure. This research aims to provide first-time entrepreneurs with a practical framework for developing organizational structure once the firm is established. A review of the literature suggests that entrepreneurs often face challenges with organizational structure and, further, that a gap exists in the resources available to assist with strategic planning implementation and organizational structure. The results were obtained from conducting interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders from the Austin, Texas, area. Based on the findings, a practical framework is developed to assist first-time entrepreneurs in creating an organization with a refined structure and, ideally, more longevity. Additionally, suggestions for further research related to organizational structure and strategic planning are offered



entrepreneurship, organizational structure, framework, strategic planning, Honors College


Hernandez Peraza, A. (2022). A practical framework for strategic planning: An entrepreneur's guide to organizational structure (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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