Creating a Stronger Military Family




Blackhall, Anson Hunter

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I have chosen to write my thesis in a form of a proposal in order to help the families of Fort Hood. Being a future Army officer, I plan on having my own family one day. I want a program in place to help military families grow stronger with each other, so that when I leave to go serve my country, the experiences and memories I have had with them will resonate throughout my absence. Because of deployment, military families are separated for long lengths of time. PTSD, anxiety, and many other issues arise because of things like combat stress, and these problems could lead to a division of a family along with potential psychological disorders (Tanielian, 2008). Specifically at Ft. Hood, the “Family Readiness Groups” are not effective, and the MWR Programs are the primary aid for families on the base (Stogner, Personal Communication.). I have a passion for family. I have created something that is focused on the children of these families; this allows military families to become closer as a whole, to develop stronger relationships with each other in order to be successful and happy as a military family. My proposal is to create an annual camping trip that would create high morale and good memories for the families of Ft. Hood. This gives families opportunities to create a stronger family unit, and in turn, creating a stronger soldier. It is my opinion that the families would be interested in this because of the fun and bonding aspect of the camp. This trip would help create an opportunity for a family to grow closer with each other as well as generate an unforgettable experience.



FRG, family readiness group, MWR, morale, military families, welfare, recreation, Honors College


Blackall, A. H. (2013). Creating a stronger military family (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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