Evaluation of Teacher Professional Development Mix it Up: Correlated Science and Math Instructional Model




Gloyna, Lisa Anna

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This study focuses on a version of the historically popular approach called “integrated science and math.” Integrating science and math typically means making linkages between the two disciplines. Science uses math as a tool or way to teach science or math uses a science topic or phenomenon as an application of a math concept. The present study will evaluate a new instructional model of integrated science and math, Correlated Science and Math (CSM). This model is unique because the concepts in each discipline are taught with two fundamental goals: (1) acquisition by the learner of conceptual understanding of both science and math, not just as a tool or an example and (2) use each discipline’s proper language. Therefore, whether the lesson or course is science or math led, to be considered as using a CSM model both goals must be met. This study will evaluate certain components of the CSM professional development program especially designed for middle school science and math teachers. The study consisted of three cohorts of inservice teachers within the study time frame from the summer o f2006 to the spring o f2008. The mixed methods research design which has components of both qualitative and quantitative elements was used to explore the research questions. The data consisted of inservice teachers’ demographics including analysis of transcripts, certification and current teaching assignment, pre and posttests results, teacher evaluations of various components of the CSM program, and classroom observations. The data analyses suggested that the teachers acquired new knowledge in the science content areas more than in the math content areas, as a result of the CSM professional development program. The teachers gained a better understanding of CSM and were able to adopt either a CSM or integrated mode in the classroom.



Correlated science and math, Integrated science and math, Mixed methods, Cohorts, Inservice science and math teachers


Gloyna, L. A. (2008). <i>Evaluation of teacher professional development mix it up: Correlated Science and Math instructional model</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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