An American Perspective on 21st Century Expeditionary Mindset and Core Values: A Review of the Literature




Shields, Patricia M.

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This book chapter reviews literature on core values and the expeditionary mindset. The historical context and definitions are developed. Key tenets of the 21st century expeditionary mindset are identified and examined. Soldiers with an expeditionary mindset should first, be mentally prepared to deploy on short notice anywhere in the world; second, have the critical-thinking skills necessary to adapt quickly to a changing operational environment; third, work cooperatively with members of a Joint team; fourth, posses knowledge of the culture in the area of the local populace, and; fifth, the expeditionary force will be using 21st century network centric technology. The expeditionary force may require a reexamination of core values and an organizational transformation. The chapter examines implications and shows how the pragmatism of John Dewey may be able to reconcile possible contradictions.



expeditionary force, expeditionary mindset, core values, literature review, Political Science


Shields, P. M. (2011). An American perspective on 21st century expeditionary mindset and core values: A review of the literature. In H. Furst & G. Kummel (Eds.), Mindset and Core Values: A Review of the Literature (pp. 17-34). Germany: Nomos.


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