The Catfish Prince Play and Process Drama




Mayo, Sandra
Michell, Monica

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With funding from the 2005 REP, Monica Michell wrote an original play and companion curriculum for middle school and high school audiences. Over the past twelve months, Monica Michell’s new play, The Catfish Prince, has been read, revised, work-shopped, performed, critiqued and rewritten several times. The first public exposure for the play came at the Texas Educational Theatre Association's annual conference in January of 2006 where it was performed in a concert reading format for an audience of high school students, Texas State Theatre students, and high school Theatre teachers. The most recent performance of The Catfish Prince was during the Hays High School Theatre Department's One Act Festival performance in May of 2006. This premiere staging of the play reached an audience made up of high school theatre students and their families. The play has been read and critiqued by nationally acclaimed youth theatre playwright, Suzan Zeder. The play's companion curriculum was developed with a special emphasis on making it culturally responsive. The curriculum materials are still being tested with volunteers in middle school and high school Theatre and Language Arts classes. Monica Michell attended the recent Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Institute offered by Texas State University and she will be incorporating some of the Institute's strategies into the companion curriculum she developed in conjunction with the play. Both the play and the companion curriculum will be submitted as a conference session proposal for the 2007 Texas Educational Theatre Association conference and the 2007 American Alliance for Theatre and Education international conference.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Catfish Prince, play, drama, middle school, high school


Mayo, S., & Michell, M. (2005). <i>The Catfish Prince play and process drama</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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