Is It Too Late to Create? A Study of Children's Literature and Adult Creativity




Patterson, Lauren Elise

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The following paper details the dissonance between childhood and adult creativity through in-depth discussion and research on the children’s literature genre, patterns of creativity in children and adults, and methods for increasing creativity in adults. The paper correlates with the self-published book included in my thesis titled Is It Too Late to Create? that explores adult creativity in the children’s literature format. Sections of the work include research-based discussion on the stigmas and misconceptions of children’s literature and adult creativity to prove that creativity is valuable at any age. Children’s literature is often considered a lesser genre due to its audience and playfulness, but these misconceptions are challenged with analysis of the format and references to renowned children’s books and authors. My process of writing, illustrating, and self-publishing a book in the children’s literature format is then put into perspective with this analysis of the genre. Patterns of creativity in children and adults are next explored through academic articles and secondary research studies of these populations as well as how they relate to pages from Is It Too Late to Create? Finally, methods for overcoming the obstacles facing adult creativity are offered with reference to proven techniques. With these topics considered, the paper and correlating children’s book establish the importance of creativity at every age.



creativity, childhood, children's literature, adulthood, art, illustration, children's book, Honors College


Patterson, L. E. (2020). Is it too late to create? A study of children's literature and adult creativity (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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