Nickel(II) Salen Complexes with an Alkanethiol Side Chain and their Self-Assembly on Gold




Brown, Drew Kristopher

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5-(6-Sulfhydrylhexyl)salicylaldehyde and 5-(8-sulfhydryloctyl)salicylalde-hyde were synthesized, self-assembled on gold, and analyzed using cyclic voltam-metry (CV). The 5-(ω-sulfhydrylalkyl)salicylaldehydes were also used to synthesize two nickel(II) salens with an alkanethiol side chain via the condensation reaction and the metal ion was coordinated into the ligand using nickel(II) acetate in solution. These nickel(II) salen complexes were self-assembled on gold from DMF that was saturated with a mixture of approximately 10% [nickel(II)salen](CH2)nSH (n=6 or 8) and 90% nickel(II) salen. It was found that the chemisorbed nickel(II) salen films may undergo electrochemical chain polymerization in DMF containing 0.05 M tetramethylammonium tetraflouroborate (TMABF4) to form poly[nickel(II)salen](CH2)nS-Au film. The redox reversibility of ferrocene in cyclic voltammetry was affected by the polymerized films on gold electrode. The film was fairly stable under acidic conditions. Future research was discussed to further investigate [nickel(II) salen]CnS-Au films through the synthesis of disulfide precursors as well as a 1:1 condensation reaction to generate pure salen or salophen ligands for self-assembly.



Self assembly, Alkanethiol, Metal salen, Cyclic voltammetry, 5-(ω-sulfhydrylalkyl)salicylaldehydes


Brown, D. K. (2012). <i>Nickel(II) salen complexes with an alkanethiol side chain and their self-assembly on gold</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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