Classical Guitar Pedagogy: Identifying the Fundamentals Restated, Revised, and Refashioned




Naizer, Matthew James

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A survey of guitar methods from Aaron Shearer’s 1963 Classical Guitar Technique through the more recent Stanley Yates’s 2016 Classical Guitar Technique from Foundation to Virtuosity suggests that within the last fifty years there have been so many published guitar methods that it seems as though every guitar instructor has written a method. To what extent do these various methods include the same fundamental elements? To what extent are they unique? In other words, is guitar pedagogy improving, evolving, or merely being restated in each instructor’s preferred method of teaching? Through an identification and analysis of such fundamentals as nail shape, right-hand position, learning of the fretboard, and relevant exercises, all as exhibited in selected method books, I will seek to determine the extent to which classical guitar pedagogy has been restated, revised, or refashioned over roughly the last half century. One outcome of this project will be to establish a criterion of fundamentals that are necessary for teaching classical guitar.



guitar pedagogy, guitar methods, guitar instruction, guitar pedagogical history, Honors College


Naizer, M. J. (2020). Classical guitar pedagogy: Identifying the fundamentals restated, revised, and refashioned (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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