Second Chances: A Screenplay




Sinclair, Matthew Ryan

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William is a twenty-two year old male who is a two-time childhood Leukemia Survivor. Throughout his life he has dealt with the issues of acceptance and returning to a normal life, as well as the idea of late effects that could result from his treatment. His worst fears become a reality when at his current age he is diagnosed with a relapse of his cancer. William's best friend Bruce is a former athlete who lost his career to baseball with a massive leg injury. He is a smoker, and William hates this habit. Bruce is afraid of losing William, his closest and only true friend. Another issue that William faces is his genuine feelings of love and affection for two women in his life, his friends Sarah and Emily. The conflict between Sarah and him is her growing distance because she has a fiancé, is busy with her wedding, and is afraid of losing William. The dilemma between Emily and him is his inability to tell her his feelings for fear of what happened when he told Sarah his feelings. She is attracted to him, but is fearful to fall in love with someone is going to die in a few months. William also has old feelings for Rachel, a woman who he met when he was younger and fell in love with her. He never got to tell her his feelings before he lost her. Each character has a Second Chance to change their lives one way or another. So the question becomes, will they take it?



cancer, screenplay, smoking, love, friendship, chances, Honors College


Sinclair, M. R. (2007). Second chances: A screenplay (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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