Winner Winner Lottery Dinner: An Analysis of the Integrity of the Texas Lottery Commission




Abbott, Bridgette Celeste

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The Texas Lottery Commission partakes in both governmental and business-type activities, but it is ultimately owned and controlled by the Texas government. While the Texas Lottery Commission successfully generates revenue for the state of Texas, it does this at the expense of citizens who play the Texas lottery. While playing the lottery is indeed a choice, many of those who play the Texas Lottery are typically of low socioeconomic status. They believe that winning the lottery would remedy all fiscal problems in an instant. On one hand, the Texas Lottery Commission supports Texas education and veterans, and it adheres to strict rules and regulations that have been laid out by the Texas Constitution. On the other hand, the Texas Lottery Commission’s main source of revenue depends on collecting money from those who lack the education and excess monetary assets to play the lottery without serious negative effects. This research offers an in-depth background summary of the Texas Lottery Commission, a literary analysis of previous works in which lottery systems were examined, and a discussion section. This research will explore the Texas Lottery Commission’s relationship with legalized gambling, socioeconomic status, sales revenue versus expense, and advertising methods. Considering the evidence that the Texas Lottery Commission preys on those who are most susceptible to being deluded by legalized gambling—such as the lottery—the integrity of the Texas Lottery Commission comes into question. The negative ramifications that financially deprived and under-educated Texans incur through the purchasing of Texas Lottery tickets outweigh the beneficial endeavors of the Texas Lottery Commission.



lottery, revenue, gambling, Texas, money, government, advertising, win, Honors College


Abbott, B. C. (2020). <i>Winner winner lottery dinner: An analysis of the integrity of the Texas Lottery Commission</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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