Alkaline Activation of Ambient Cured Geopolymer Mortar and Concrete Based on Class C Fly Ash




Kotwal, Ashley Russell

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The critical element for sustainable growth in the construction industry is the development of alternative cements. A new technological process called geopolymerization provides an innovative solution, and the presence of aluminum and silicon oxides in fly ash has encouraged its use as a source material. To promote the employment of geopolymers for practical concrete applications, the present study investigated the material’s properties, practices and applications. An experimental program was also executed to establish a relationship between the alkaline activator composition and the properties of geopolymer mortar and concrete in fresh and hardened states. Concentrations of sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate were ascertained that are advantageous for constructability and physical properties. Test results indicate that there is potential for the concrete industry to utilize alkaline activated fly ash as an alternative to portland cement in structural building applications.



Sodium silicate, Sodium hydroxide, Alkaline activation, Class C Fly Ash, Mortar, Concrete, Geopolymer


Kotwal, A. R. (2015). <i>Alkaline activation of ambient cured geopolymer mortar and concrete based on class C fly ash</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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