Fungal Flora of a Cove on Lake Falcon




Mapus, George Robert

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A 12 month study of a cove in the riverine end of Falcon Lake was conducted to identify the fungal flora associated with submerged plant substrates. The substrates included stems of Arundo donax, Prosopis glandulosa, and Salix nigra which were collected monthly. The leaves of Salix nigra were also collected monthly for observed Aquatic Hyphomycetes. A measurement of the fungal biomass on Arundo donax would be determined by a survey of numbers of ascoma on the stems. The dominant fungi that colonized the stems were Leptosphaeria tetonensis, its anamorph Phoma, and Didymosphaeria sp. The Aquatic Hyphomycetes Alatospora and Lunulospora appeared seasonally on Salix leaves. The heaviest colonization of the culms of Arundo was seen in May. The observed dominance of some species probably results from factors such as pH, oxygen concentration and inter-species competition.



Aquatic fungi, Lake Falcon


Mapus, G. R. (1993). <i>Fungal flora of a cove on Lake Falcon</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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