Texas River Center Archaeology, Test Excavations at 41HY160, Hays County, Texas

Nickels, David L.
Bousman, C. Britt
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Center for Archaeological Studies
This report describes the results of investigations undertaken to assess the archaeological resources at the Spring Lake Site, 41HY160, on the campus of Texas State University-San Marcos in Hays County, Texas. The Spring Lake Site, 41HY160, was recorded in the 1980s at the Aquarena Center, then a privately owned water park. In 1994 Texas State University-San Marcos purchased the Aquarena Center with the intention of converting it into an educational and research facility focused on rivers and springs in Texas. Eventually the University founded the River Systems Institute and it is now housed at the Texas River Center in the restored Hotel at the San Marcos Springs. In preparation for the construction planning for the Texas River Center, an archaeological testing project was undertaken in January 2001 and this report describes the results of that investigation. The primary goal of this project was to determine if intact and well-preserved archaeological materials were contained in the area planned for eventually construction.
Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas, archaeology, Anthropology
Bousman, C. B., & Nickels, D. L. (2010). Archaeological testing at San Marcos Springs (41HY160) for the Texas River Center, Hays County, Texas. Archaeological Studies Report No. 13. Center for Archaeological Studies, San Marcos: Texas State University.