More Human Than Human: Ethical Challenges of a Probable Future




Senftleber, Michael James

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In this Applied Philosophy and Ethics Master’s thesis, I will explore the ethical challenges resulting from enhancing humanity that may be present in a not too distant future. While I will discuss much of the current literature and take a position on the ethics of enhancing humans, I believe it is a foregone conclusion that humans will be enhanced. And while that doesn't decrease the importance of discussing the ethics of enhancing humans, I believe that the potential ethical dilemmas that might be present in the future are more important to begin thinking about and discussing. The path our future history takes will have a massive impact on which ethical dilemmas are present and which are impactful. The summation of this paper will serve as a topology of these future dilemmas where I will document and offer potential paths that may be employed for further research and discussion.



Human enhancement, Transhumans, Techohumans


Senftleber, M. J. (2020). <i>More human than human: Ethical challenges of a probable future</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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