Strategies for the Implementation of GIS in German Geography Lessons: Selected Findings of a Mixed-Method Research Approach




Höhnle, Steffen
Mehren, Rainer
Schubert, Jan Christoph

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The level of implementation of GIS usage in German schools is still very low. The opportunities for and barriers against the usage of GIS from the viewpoint of teachers were researched for this paper. Group discussions involving a variety of different participants (teachers with and without experience in GIS, instructors, etc.) were held in order to formulate ideas about GIS, barriers to its use, and how to put GIS into classroom and field study practice. Conditions for implementing teaching concepts were developed in stages resulting in a school based GIS project investigating pollution from roadway traffic.



geography, GIS, implementation, mixed methods research, barriers


Höhnle, S., Mehren, R., & Schubert, J.C. (2014). Strategies for the implementation of GIS in German geography lessons: Selected findings of a mixed-method research approach. Research in Geographic Education, 16(1), pp. 5-22.


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