Effectiveness of Mycorrhizae and Vermiculture Seed Inoculation for Germination, Vegetative Growth, Cannabinoid Content, and Cured Flower Weight of CBD-Rich Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)




Boyer, Hannah

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Effective germination and vigorous growth of hemp varietals is paramount to cultivators’ ability to produce high-quality hemp outputs. Mycorrhizae and the beneficial organisms found in vermiculture are known symbionts to plants and are used in regenerative agriculture to increase plant health and crop yield. This study investigated the effect of a single inoculation of beneficial microbes on hemp seed germination rate, plant height, cured flower weight, and cannabinoid content. While the results demonstrate no statistically significant differences between treatments in any of the parameters measured, the study results demonstrate potential for further investigation into seed inoculants for enhanced cured flower weight and cannabidiol (CBD) content of CBD-rich hemp.



hemp, cannabis, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae, vermiculture, seed inoculation


Boyer, H. (2023). Effectiveness of mycorrhizae and vermiculture seed inoculation for germination, vegetative growth, cannabinoid content, and cured flower weight of CBD-rich hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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