Ethology, Social Organization, and Habitat Use of the African Ungulate, Kobus leche




Beaver, Tracey

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The specialized areas of habitat in which red lechwe, Kobus leche leche, are found in Africa are quite different than those found on Texas ranches. Environmental, social, and biological determinants mitigate the lechwes habitat preferences for a variety of behaviors. Red lechwe utilize a single habitat in which to graze, rest, mate, and socialize in Africa, rather than clustered territories in which to carry out specialized behaviors. Differences in the social organization, physiology, habitat preference, and behavior of these exotics were found compared to those for populations in Africa. The ecological differences in a managed territory consisting of supplemental feed, compared to those areas of Africa in which red lechwe populations are found, give rise to the evaluation of habitat preference for exotics on Texas ranches in relation to their ethology.



Kobus, Ungulates, Behavior


Beaver, T. (2003). <i>Ethology, social organization, and habitat use of the African ungulate, Kobus leche</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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