Japanese Consumers as Technology Innovators




Matsukawa, Saki

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With advanced technology and savvy Generation Y consumers who know how to make use of it, the Japanese market has become one of the most unique in the world. Japanese consumers increasingly use new technology to solve old problems. In addition, many Japanese companies provide technological solutions for their consumers as well as communicate with them through varied technologies. Often, many of these technologies are found only in Japan. Due to a highly competitive market and severe consumer scrutiny, these cutting-edge technologies that are successful in Japan tend to succeed in other countries as well. In fact, many technological innovations once unique to Japan have been adopted globally and are now mainstream. By innovating totally new technologies or creating a fusion of Western and Japanese technologies, the Japanese market has become an increasingly interesting market. This paper was created to provide other countries with information about how Japanese consumers use technology. The paper covers cultural trends in Japan, technology as solution, and recommendations for the application of technology. By analyzing the relationship between Japanese consumers and technological innovation, other countries businesses’ will be able to figure out the changes of market trends. Moreover, this paper will offer opportunities for how these technologies might possibly be applied to other countries while considering social and cultural differences.



Japan, technology, consumer behavior, marketing, innovators, innovation adoption, consumer technology, Japanese consumers, Honors College


Matsukawa, S. (2009). Japanese consumers as technology innovators (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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