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Russell, Payton

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Secret Society. Sexual Abuse. Collegiate Theatre. Black Turtlenecks. The Actors' Gang is a one-hour dark dramedy that’s Glee meets The Vow, but without all the unnecessary singing. Oh, and, it’s based on a true story. Set in the halls of a collegiate Acting program, The Actor’s Gang follows a college freshman, Demaris, as she tries to find fame in a cult that only wants her money. And, possibly, her body… In Episode One, Demaris’s professors, Paul and Lorelai, guide the group of freshmen through a candlelit offering ceremony to the Spirit of the Gang. Out-bid by the other girls, Demaris gives the last of her money for the chance at a callback for The Crucible. Her offering works. At the callback, Paul encourages Demaris to trust his teachings, and he puts Demaris on stage beside, Owen, her classmate, for a scene from the Crucible. Paul pushes Demaris to her knees. Despite her objections, Paul uses his hand to guide Demaris’ head forward into Owen’s crotch… and then he moves on to the next female student. The next day, Demaris watches as Paul posts the cast list, distraught that she’s only an understudy. Meanwhile her boyfriend, Brandon, spies on her from the dorm next door…



acting, actor, theatre, college, university, professor, student, Honors College


Russell, P. (2022). The actors gang (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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