Determinants and Consequences of Service in the Armed Forces During the Vietnam Era




Kohen, Andrew I.
Shields, Patricia M.

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United States Department of Labor


Most of the young men under study were undergoing the transition from adolescence to adulthood during the turbulence produced by the Vietnam War. For many, this war intervened directly in the transition process as they became the manpower that staffed the American armed forces. Most of these who survived the conflict the Southeast Asia reentered the civilian population as Vietnam era veterans. In their role as soldiers and veterans, these men were an integral part of the American experience of the 1960's. Any study of male youth during this period (1966-1971) would be incomplete if it ignored the Vietnam era veteran.



all-volunteer force, Vietnam veterans, labor market, unemployment, Political Science


Kohen, A. I. & Shields, P. M. (1977). Determinants and consequences of service in the armed forces during the Vietnam Era. In Kohen, A., Grass, J., Meyers, S., Shields, P. (Eds). Career Thresholds: Vol. 6, pp. 155-190.


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