A History of the Southwest Texas State Teachers College




French, Roger Franklin

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Tables: the thesis contains twenty-three tables which treat of the following topics: reports of Board of Regents; inventory, 1918; inventory, 1926; financial statement, 1934; disbursements; various data, 1932 to 1939; income; bonds; appropriations by years; faculty training; degrees conferred; courses offered; courses by departments; enrollment; enrollment by counties; investments. Contents: In seven chapters inclusive of the introduction the thesis deals with such topics as the following: establishment; personnel of first faculty; local board; state board; the plant; internal development of the college; objectives; courses of study; graduate school; student activities; honor societies; college publications- The Pedagog, the College Star, The Sheaf. Chapter six gives details of the educational careers of the two presidents, T. G. Harris and C. E. Evans. Concluding chapter is a general survey of the college. (Source: Claude Elliott's Theses on Texas History, 1955)



Southwest Texas State Teachers College, History, Colleges, Universities, Texas


French, R. F. (1939). <i>A history of the Southwest Texas State Teachers College</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, Texas.


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