Exploring Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals: A Case Study of Emergency Room Satisfaction




Buchanan, Krystal Dawn

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Healthcare is an industry searching for quality. Patient satisfaction is just one measure of healthcare quality. Recently, the Center of Medicare and Medicaid has proposed a new standardized patient satisfaction survey-Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Surgery (H-CAHPS). H-CAHPS will be used to produce quantifiable data on patient perspectives of hospital care. This will allow meaningful comparisons between hospitals. H-CAHPS was written primarily for inpatients. This project was a case study of Emergency Room patient satisfaction at Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos, Texas. The goal was to determine key predictors that determine patient satisfaction using a questionnaire designed to imitate a possible H-CAHPS for Emergency Departments. Two regression models were created to predict emergency department satisfaction. The physician-patient relationship and compassion are two of the key predictors of patient satisfaction. By creating prediction models for patient satisfaction, hospitals will be able to focus resources more efficiently and begin improvement projects to increase healthcare quality.



patient satisfaction, medical care, medical personnel and patient, hospitals, emergency services, customer services


Buchanan, K. D. (2005). Exploring patient satisfaction in hospitals: A case study of emergency room satisfaction (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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