An Uncommon Madam Among "Common" Prostitutes: Contextualizing Gender From Vagrancy in Gilded Age and Progressive Era San Antonio




Wales, Jonathan Forrest

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This thesis explores American’s gendered understanding of vagrancy in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era San Antonio by examining how the courts and police as representatives of middle to upper-class viewpoints defined women who sold sex as more or less vagrant based on the number of men they sold sex to. From establishing the gendered limitations of contract freedom available to men and women in the Gilded Age, this thesis explores change over time into the Progressive Era by examining red-light abatement laws as gendered expression of Progressive views on male and female political participation in the conflict for municipal control between boss politics and progressives over vice during the 1910s.



Vagrancy, Prostitution, Gender, Masculinity, The gilded age, The progressive era, San Antonio


Wales, J. F. (2020). <i>An uncommon madam among "common" prostitutes: Contextualizing gender from vagrancy in Gilded Age and Progressive Era San Antonio</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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