Memorable Game Design




Sison, Mark Anthony S.

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This paper describes the process of a project I wrote in C#. The project is an Action Platformer computer game that runs on the Windows platform. The purpose in making this game is to make something fun and memorable to the player. Many aspects of different games across all generations were studied in order to find out what makes games memorable and exciting experiences. I wanted the game to be able to draw in a player through child-like wonder of a world filled with things that were new, unknown, and unsolved. This is attempted by telling the story indirectly through the game’s setting, where the player starts out knowing little about the world, slowly piecing together the story through experiencing different events and finding clues built into the setting. In addition, the game’s music is meant to be cohesive and similar to other tracks within the game, burning the melodies into the player’s mind for years to come.



video game design, computer science, Honors College


Sison, M. A. S. (2014). Memorable game design (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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