The Art of Change over Time: Analyzing Alternative Pathways in Animated Television




Hodge, Andrew P.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide prospective show runners, producers, and executives with a framework for examining the production process for animated television, understanding the issues present in the status quo, and identifying existing and emerging alternatives which they can integrate into their own projects. This paper does this by examining the history of animation in the USA from its conception to the modern day, with the goal of better understanding how this history contributes to the present issues that the American animation industry faces. From there, it constructs a working definition of “success” for an animated TV show. Finally, it analyzes emerging trends, business models, technologies, and production methods in search of more effective ways to achieve success compared to the legacy system. Throughout the paper, expert interviews are used to provide additional perspective on each topic. This paper concludes that there are several actionable methods which creators can utilize in their own projects to improve their production practices.



animation, production, entertainment, television, streaming, Honors College


Hodge, A. P. (2023). The art of change over time: Analyzing alternative production pathways in animated television. Honors College, Texas State University.


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