Reclaimed Water Use for Irrigation of Texas Golf Courses 2008




Dixon, Richard W.
Ray, Daniel J.

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Plant Management Network


Reclaimed water is proving to be a beneficial source of irrigation water for golf courses around the world. To gain a better perspective of issues associated with reclaimed water use, 487 golf course superintendents in Texas were surveyed over the spring and summer of 2007. Of those, 150 surveys were returned (31% response rate); and 40 respondents (27%) indicated they were using reclaimed water at their facility. Costs and availability were the biggest impediments to reclaimed water use and the most commonly cited problems associated with reclaimed water use were salinity, algae growth, and clogged irrigation heads. Benefits of using reclaimed water included a reliable water source, conservation of fresh water, and costs. Eighty-three percent of superintendents that were using reclaimed water at their facility stated they would continue to use reclaimed water at their facility in the future.



water use, irrigation, golf courses, Geography and Environmental Studies


Dixon, R. W., & Ray, D. J. (2008). Reclaimed water use for irrigation of Texas golf courses. Applied Turfgrass Science, 5(1), pp. 1-9.


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