Impact of Development and Dissemination of Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture (IAA) Technologies in Malawi




Dey, Madan
Kambewa, Patrick
Prein, Mark
Jamu, Daniel
Paraguas, Ferdinand J.
Pemsl, Diemuth E.
Briones, Roehlano M.

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WorldFish Center


Malawi is a small but densely populated country in Southern Africa. Fish is an important part of the nutrition of Malawians, providing essential protein and micronutrients. However, per capita fish consumption has halved over the ten-year period between 1988 to 1998 due to over-fishing in the lakes and doubling of the population since the 1970s, accompanied by an increase in the price of fish. This has worsened access to food insecurity, especially in rural areas, in a country where an estimated 66 per cent of the population consume less than the minimum daily calorie requirement. This paper presents an ex-post impact assessment of the development and dissemination of smallscale integrated aquaculture-agriculture technologies by The WorldFish Center and its national and international partners over more than 15 years in Malawi. The impact study measures the effects of these outputs on the degree of integrated aquaculture-agriculture (IAA) technology adoption and diffusion, the effects on farm income and health of household members, and the welfare effects of increased fish supply on the Malawian economy.



evaluation, aquaculture techniques, agropisciculture, integrated aquaculture-agriculture, Malawi, fish consumption, food insecurity, Agricultural Sciences


Dey, M. M., Kambewa, P., Prein, M., Jamu, D., Paraguas, F. J., Pemsl, D. E., & Briones, R. M. (2006). Impact of development and dissemination of Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture (IAA) Technologies in Malawi. NAGA, WorldFish Center Quarterly, 29(1/2), pp. 28-35.


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