Springs to the Sea Annual Progress Report 2012-2013




Sansom, Andrew
Miller, Meredith

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Water and its linkages with all living systems are essential, yet there is a finite amount that must meet all our needs. In the state of Texas more water has been allocated for use than actually flows in its rivers and lakes. Our vital waters and natural resources are becoming polluted, groundwater is being withdrawn at unsustainable rates, and this will only get worse as Texas' population doubles in the next generation. Key habitats for aquatic, estuarine, and bay species are at risk from low freshwater flows. The State's waters and natural resources are utilized for energy, economic growth, livelihoods, and recreation. However, our management of these resources, including resiliency to changes in climate and sustainable resource use practices, depend on better understanding and implementation of sound policies to conserve and protect these same waters and natural resources. The conservation of water and preservation of living systems depends on increased knowledge of these systems and relationships.



water quality, natural resources, groundwater, habitats, conservation


Sansom, A., & Miller, M. (2013). Springs to the sea annual progress report 2012-2013 (Report No. 2013-09). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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