Relationship of Institutional Support to Online Graduate Learning




Elliott, Kerry M.

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Online graduate students’ perceived level of institutional support was explored in relation to student satisfaction and importance. Graduate students, either previously or currently enrolled in at least one online course at a large state university in the Southwestern United States, submitted 321 online surveys (n ≈ 321). Confirmatory factor analysis supported construct validity for the survey instrument and Bayesian path analysis established associations and relationships between study variables. Study findings revealed that the participants considered instructional services and academic services the most important areas of institutional support. Findings support a positive relationship between institutional support and satisfaction and a positive relationship between institutional support and importance. Gap analysis indicated areas in which increased student support could benefit online graduate learners.



Online, Graduate students, Institutional support, Student satisfaction, Student importance, Confirmatory factor analysis, Bayesian path analysis, Instructional services, Academic services, Gap analysis


Elliott, K. M. (2020). <i>Relationship of institutional support to online graduate learning</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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