Movement Strategies for Intrusion Detection in Incomplete Sensor Networks

Reeves, Eric Daniel
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Incomplete sensor networks are an area of wireless communications with broad application. The intention of this document is twofold. One goal of this research is to establish a relationship between the method by which a sensor network is deployed, the movement patterns employed by sensors in the network, and the rate at which the network detects infiltrations inside the area in which it is deployed. The rate of detection and the movement patterns employed by mobile sensors are examined through mathematical analysis and software simulation. Furthermore this document also seeks to relate sensor quantity, communication range, and the rate at which sensors are converged when data is broadcast throughout an incomplete sensor network. The second goal of this research is to determine if various combinations of sensor quantity and communication range are positively correlated with the amount of time required to converge a sensor network.
Sensor networks, Detectors
Reeves, E. D. (2006). <i>Movement strategies for intrusion detection in incomplete sensor networks</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.