Investigation of the Job Demands-Resources Model in Increasing Quality of Life Factors Within the Retail Industry




Beccue, Jackie

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Quality of life as related to the workplace has been a focus of much research in applied psychology. This study uses the Job Demands-Resources model to better understand how job characteristics, such as social support and workplace fun are related to work outcomes, such as job stress and job satisfaction. These outcomes were hypothesized to predict quality of life factors like general life stress and self-worth. Using results obtained from surveying 65 participants in the retail industry, the hypothesis was supported that workplace fun and social support are major factors that are associated with job stress, as well as job satisfaction. A stepwise regression analysis showed that job stress is correlated to increases in life stress, and that job satisfaction is the only predictor of self-worth. Further research should be conducted to improve understanding of how experienced fun at work affects work outcomes, also considering how work outcomes impact quality of life factors.



Social support, Workplace fun, Job satisfaction, Job stress, Life stress, Self-worth


Beccue, J. (2011). <i>Investigation of the job demands-resources model in increasing quality of life factors within the retail industry</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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