Cross-Cultural Research in Geographic Education: Some Challenges and Realities




Gerber, Rod

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


Geographic educators around the world are becoming increasingly interested in research work on similar topics that are being conducted in similar and contrasting settings around the world, e.g. in topics such as learning mapping skills, students’ understanding of the world and environmental values. Of concern is the extent to which these comparisons are reasonable, considering the different contexts in which they occur. It is, therefore, important for geographic educators to appreciate the nature, challenges and benefits of cross-cultural research in geographic education. Key challenges such as language, methodology, stakeholders' values, the situation/context, cross-cultural versus cross-national research and extent of generalization of results need to be considered. In addition, the benefits of cross-cultural research in geographic education, including internationalization of outcomes, generalizability, collaboration amongst researchers, and improved curricular development are worth noting.



geographic education, cross-cultural research, research methodology


Gerber, R. (1999). Cross-cultural research in geographic education: Some challenges and realities. Research in Geographic Education, 1(1), pp. 14-37.


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