The Medical Care Communication Experience of Vulnerable Patients in Pain




Zolnierek, Kelly B. Haskard

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This project was a correlational study involving 6 student research assistants completing ratings of 187 videotaped physician-patient interactions using the Physician-Patient about Communication Scale, a reliable and valid 52-item rating scale that has been used in previous research to judge communication about pain. This study attempted to answer several research questions, including the following: 1) How does physician-patient communication about pain relate to patient satisfaction with medical care? 2) What is the process of communication for patients who are in pain and possess low income, minority ethnicity, and/or limited education? Preliminary analyses indicated that patients with greater pain and other socio-demographic vulnerabilities experienced more negative communication from their physicians, less involvement in their care, and less satisfaction with their medical care.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


medical care, satisfaction, physician-patient, communication, ratings, pain, patient satisfaction, patients


Zolnierek, K. B. H. (2008). <i>The medical care communication experience of vulnerable patients in pain</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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