The Best Bullfighter




Reyna, Ally

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The Best Bullfighter is an original illustrated story in which anthropomorphic bulls engage in the tradition of bullfighting and grapple with perpetuating violence against their own kind. It follows two characters, Florian and Oscar, who are indoctrinated into the world of bullfighting at a young age. Each must choose as he enters adulthood whether he is willing to continue hurting and killing his peers for the sake of fame. Bullfighting in this story represents patriarchal violence done to men, by men. Men are simultaneous victims and perpetrators of constrictive male gender roles, and so too are bulls the victims and perpetrators of bullfighting in this universe. I wanted to explore the ways that young boys are harmed by patriarchy, as well as the choice they have as they grow to end that cycle or inflict it on their peers and the next generation.



bullfighting, patriarchy, illustration, gender


Reyna, A. (2023). The best bullfighter. Honors College, Texas State University.


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