Prevention, Treatment, and Containment of Staphylococcal Infections in Communities




Atteberry, Heather
Baldwin, Tamara
Betz, Tom
Campbell, Jill
Carranco, Emilio, Jr.
Darling, Kathleen T.
Espinoza, Rita
Felkner, Marilyn
Glowicz, Janet

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Texas Department of State Health Services


Most people have heard terms like "staph infection," "antibiotic resistant bacteria," and "MRSA" (pronounced mersa). This manual is designed to help people understand those terms and to provide guidance in preventing infection and the pain, loss of productivity, and expenses associated with it. This information is intended to inform those who are not necessarily healthcare workers but who have responsibilities related to protecting the health of others -- people with responsibilities in care giving, administration, human resources, education, environmental sanitation, and finance. The guidance is appropriate for the community at large--schools, childcare settings, retirement homes, athletic facilities, businesses, and the home. In this manual we will use the term facility to encompass all community entities with the exception of correctional facilities and health-care facilities. Guidance for correctional facilities and health-care facilities is provided in other documents.



staphylococcal infections, staph bacteria, skin infection, wounds, communities, Clinical Laboratory Science Program


Texas Department of State Health Services Community Workgroup. (2007). Prevention, treatment, and containment of Staphylococcal infections in communities. Austin, TX: Texas Department of State Health Services.


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