Effects of Housing Style on Undergraduate Mental Health




Rodriguez, Cristina Marie

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This study examined the effects of housing style on undergraduate mental health. It was hypothesized that those living on campus would report lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress than those living off campus. Approximately 228 students were surveyed at Texas State University. Participants completed a demographic questionnaire, a scale measuring depression, anxiety, and stress perceptions, self-rated perceptions of social support, and a questionnaire regarding mental health services offered on campus. Using an independent samples t-test, relationships between living arrangements, GPA, first-generation status, and perceived amount of social support, anxiety, depression, and stress were examined. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was also run to test relationships between the different types of off campus living and their perceived social support and depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. Although no significant results for either test were found, there was a significant correlation. Using a Pearson Correlation with a set alpha level of .05, a negative correlation was found between perceived social support and perceived symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress (r=-.328, p=.000). The more social support one perceived the less likely one would experience detrimental mental health symptoms and vice versa. From the data collected in the study, we have concluded that social support and depression, anxiety, and stress are directly related. Differences in gender and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress were significant. An independent samples t-test showed females with significantly higher DASS scores (M=37.19, SD=11.91) than males (M=32.89, SD=9.19).



college, mental health, depression, anxiety, stress, housing, Honors College


Rodriguez, C. M. (2016). Effects of housing style on undergraduate mental health (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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