Survival, Perception, and Resistance: An Intergenerational Case Study of the Socio-Cultural Education of Three Latinas




Grimaldo, Leticia Romero

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This ethnographic study explores the oral histories of three generations of Latinas who grew up in a rural West Texas town and achieved academic success. The theoretical framework used to delve into the lives of three women who are interdependent and whose individual stories cannot be understood without knowing the others encompasses a lens informed by race, gender, identity, and a mujerista way of knowing. The stories shed light on the experiences the women had that supported their success and the systems that fostered growth, agency, dignity, identity formation, good will and empowerment. The overarching question guiding the study at the macro level was: What are the conditions and relationships that fostered three college-educated Latinas whose lives spanned three generations? The sub-questions that guided my research at the micro level were: 1) What is the socio-history, educational and political experience of these three Latinas?; 2) What theory best explains the struggle and survival of these women?; and 3) What are the systems in place within the community to foster the success of these three women? This ethnographic study took place over a 1 ½ year time period and used oral history, story, platicas, historical documents and images as data collection strategies. Each participant was interviewed in depth three times and platicas took place constantly around past experiences for over a year. Storytelling is used to disrupt the use of traditional narrative, privileging the lived experiences of these women. Implications of these findings for educators, parents, university systems, and K-12 systems are provided.



oral histories, intergenerational relations, Latinas in education


Grimaldo, L.R. (2010). Survival, perception, and resistance: An intergenerational case study of the socio-cultural education of three Latinas (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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