Disruption and Upheaval in the Global Business Environment: How Computer Technology and Cloud Computing have Enabled Small Businesses to Combat Large Corporations




Shealy, Quinn Kent

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This research study looks at the great bounds in technology created by man and how the business environment has been forever changed due to such advances. I will lay out the shift from an advantageous scale of economies into the new and sleeker business model of a scale of diseconomies and how this has allowed for the growth of countless small businesses. According to “the American Dream”, one must attain an education, find a company for which all their needs are met, and work that job until the age of retirement; however, the great spike in technological advances is calling this preconceived notion of the “American Dream” into question. Along with an explanation of the shift in the business environment, I aim to provide my audience with the knowledge of what is required of a small business to be able to truly compete with the large conglomerates who have etched their place in business history. This work draws upon first-hand interviews with business owners/executives of varying company sizes, academic articles, and scholarly business books as a basis of identifying potential upsides and downsides to all avenues for a business endeavor. Through this research, I provide an optimistic hope to any entrepreneur or business owner as they can find their own slice of the pie among this new, digital landscape.



software, technology, business, small business, Honors College


Shealy, Q. K. (2021). Disruption and upheaval in the global business environment: How computer technology and cloud computing have enabled small businesses to combat large corporations (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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