Adlerian Applications of Sandtray Play Therapy




Kottman, Terry

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Adlerian applications of sandtray play therapy is one strategy used by play therapists who practice Adlerian play therapy. Adlerians use a plethora of different kinds of sand trays: spontaneous, non-directed, semi-directed, directed, quasi-directed, therapist-created, and co-created trays with child, adolescents, and adult clients, as well as with families and in parent and teacher consultation. While there is a general guideline of 7 steps in Adlerian sand tray play therapy sessions, therapists can use their own creativity and flexibility to adjust this process based on the needs of individual clients and their treatment plan for working with them. Adlerian play therapists use sandtray therapy in all four phases of therapy: building the relationship, exploring clients' lifestyles, helping clients gain insight into their lifestyles, and reorienting/re-educating clients by facilitating changes in behavior, emotions, and cognitions.



sand therapy, sandtray, sandplay, Adlerian play therapy


Kottman, T. (2023). Adlerian applications of sandtray play therapy. World Journal for Sand Therapy Practice, 1(3).


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