Yàan u K'éešo'ob, ba'ale' Ma' K K'àat U Tu'ubso'ob U Kuštal Màaya'o'obi', “They Must Change, but We Do Not Want Them to Forget Their Maya Lives”: Cross-Generational Change and Continuity in a Single Maya Family from Xocén, Yucatán, México




Sheedy, Crystal A.

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This thesis seeks to document the economic changes that affected the cultural practices of Mayas who live in the Yucatán Peninsula. As a case study, this thesis illustrates how the three generations of a single family and that family’s friends in Xocén were affected by these economic changes, and how they were trying to preserve their cultural heritage for future generations. In chapter 2, I will discuss the history of economic changes and migration in the Yucatán Peninsula during the 20th century, and their influences on Maya cultural practices, particularly concentrating on gender relations. In chapter 3, I will introduce the three generations of Floridalma’s family and discuss how economic changes affected the family’s work patterns and perceptions on education and language. In chapter 4, I will expand my analysis from chapter 3 and present how economic changes and migration affected the family’s experiences with technology, material culture and their behaviors. In chapter 5, I will present and discuss certain cultural beliefs and practices that Floridalma’s family considered integral to maintaining their cultural heritage. Furthermore, I will discuss how they felt that transmitting these beliefs and practices to their children would help preserve their cultural heritage in a changing economy. Finally, chapter 6 is the conclusion in which I will review and summarize the main points from the previous chapters.



Economic changes, Maya studies, Gender, Cross-generational study, Migration, Globalization, Cultural maintenance, Mexico, Ethnography


Sheedy, C. A. (2011). <i>Yàan u K'éešo'ob, ba'ale' Ma' K K'àat U Tu'ubso'ob U Kuštal Màaya'o'obi', “They must change, but we do not want them to forget their Maya lives”: Cross-generational change and continuity in a single Maya family from Xocén, Yucatán, México</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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