Instantaneous Target Selection with 2D Saccades: Case Study




Koh, Do Hyong

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We introduce and evaluate a new Instantaneous Saccade (IS) selection scheme for eye gaze driven interfaces where the speed of the target selection is of utmost importance. In the IS selection scheme, target selection occurs at the start (onset) of a saccade requiring only constant amount of time to be completed. The IS performance is compared to the conventional Dwell Time (DT) selection scheme where target selection is triggered when a user fixates on an object for a certain amount of time. The IS method is also compared to the Saccade Offset (SO) selection scheme where target selection occurs at the end of a saccade. The IS scheme is compared to the Hybrid Saccade (HS) selection where DW selection is triggered when IS selection fails. All four schemes were evaluated in terms of the throughput of input performance, task completion time, and the error rate in multi directional target selection task with three different target distance level. All four schemes were also tested in term of completion time and error rate in an eye-gaze guided game. Results show that the Instantaneous Saccade selection was approximately more than 50% faster than the DT selection to complete a task in any target distance level. In terms of throughput comparison, the throughput of the IS selection is about 7% greater than the throughput of DT selection in any target distance level. We hypothesize that Instantaneous Saccade selection will be beneficial in gaming environments that require very fast interaction speeds.



Human computer interaction, Kalman filter, Interaction technique evaluation, Eye tracker, Saccade trajectory prediction


Koh, D. Y. (2010). <i>Instantaneous target selection with 2D saccades: Case study</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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