"My Depression Really Increased"; How the COVID-19 Pandemic Effected Texas State Students' Health and Academic Performance




Krellenstein, Henrietta

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This research examines the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health, both mental and physical, and the academic performance of Texas State University Honors College students. The current studies in this area indicate that student mental health sharply declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, as indicated by reports of increased anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress. Research also points to confusion surrounding use of online learning platforms, leading to stress about grades and assignments. This study used an online Qualtrics survey distributed via email to all Honors College students. The majority of the questions collected qualitative data that was analyzed for patterns and common responses. The survey results showed that over 79% of students reported changes to their mental health during the pandemic, with only 3 students citing a positive change. Coping strategies and helpful organizations were also investigated, as well as student GPA, future plans, and graduation date. While the pandemic was proven to have a negative impact on respondent mental health, more research must be done in order to be able to draw widespread conclusions. Further research must follow to thoroughly investigate the pandemic’s effect on student academic performance and physical health.



COVID-19, pandemic, Texas State University, mental health, academic performance, Honors College


Krellenstein, H. J. (2021). "My depression really increased"; How the COVID-19 pandemic effected Texas State students' health and academic performance (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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