Use of Peer-Training and Social Stories™ to Increase Interactions and Prosocial Behaviors of General Education Students Toward Their Peers with Autism




Nickel, Delores M.

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Many elementary schools in Central Texas are moving toward full inclusion into the mainstream general education classroom for children with autism. Research has been conducted on the social integration process and strategies utilized to accommodate these students and assist them with the learning of proper social behaviors necessary to socialize with others. This study examined the use of Social Stories™ and the effects they have on the social behaviors of students with autism in a full-inclusion elementary school classroom through the use of peer-training by the general education students. This study examined how the use of Social Stories™ with general education students assisted in the increase of social interactions and initiation of play as well as prosocial behaviors in response to personal space toward their peers with autism. The study took place in a first grade classroom in Central Texas. Observations took place within a full-inclusion classroom with three general education students, two boys and one girl, and a peer with autism. The study was conducted over a four-week period of time with observations made by two Texas State University graduate students.



Inclusion, Social Stories™, Autism, Social behaviors, General education students


Nickel, D. M. (2014). <i>Use of peer-training and Social Stories™ to increase interactions and prosocial behaviors of general education students toward their peers with autism</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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