Growth Mindset and Task Value Interventions in College Algebra




Hoang, Theresa V.

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Growth mindset interventions and task value interventions have been effective in raising student academic performance, particularly for students who have low prior achievement. These interventions, however, have not been tested in combination with each other or individually in a college algebra setting. This study tested a growth mindset intervention, a task value intervention, and a combined growth mindset and task value intervention on students (N=426) in college algebra to determine the interventions’ effects on measures related to intelligence beliefs and value perceptions as well as on final course score. This study found that the growth mindset intervention positively affected intelligence beliefs, and the task value intervention increased endogenous utility value. Furthermore, the combined growth mindset and task value intervention was effective in raising both intelligence beliefs and endogenous utility value. Although these interventions affected their targeted psychological outcomes, they did not increase academic performance on final course score. Implications of these findings are discussed.



College algebra, Math, Growth mindset, Incremental Theory of Intelligence, Task value, Utility value, Expectancy value, Psychological intervention, Motivation


Hoang, T. V. (2018). <i>Growth mindset and task value interventions in college algebra</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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